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 Big Growth in Internet Use in India

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Big Growth in Internet Use in India Empty
PostSubject: Big Growth in Internet Use in India   Big Growth in Internet Use in India Icon_minitime16/09/08, 07:38 am

Akamai Technologies, an enterprise applications provider, said its global network saw 2.1 million unique IPs from India, and India ranked 14th in terms of unique IPs, a growth of 4.5 percent over last quarter.

This was revealed in the second edition of Akamai's quarterly 'State of the Internet' report. The report provides insight into key internet statistics such as origin of attack traffic, network outages and broadband connectivity levels across the globe.

The report also analyzed the origins of attack traffic, network outages and de-peering events. It has also offered a look at broadband connectivity by geography. The company observed Internet attack traffic originating from 139 unique countries during Q2 2008.

In the Indian context, the company further said India ranked 15th in terms of attack traffic origination in Q2, contributing 1 pc to observed global attack traffic - last quarter India was ranked at 10th. The percentage of broadband connections from India with speeds above 5 Mbps (high broadband) and 2 Mps (broadband) were 0.6 pc and 4.6pc respectively. The percentage of connections with speeds less than 256 Kbps from India was 26 pc.

Commenting on the report, Sanjay Singh, VP (Global Services & Support), Akamai, said, "Our global network of 36,000 servers across 70 countries enables us to offer insight into how the Internet is being leveraged around the world. While the report notes that India has just 2 unique IPs per 1,000 people on average, we believe India's Internet penetration will significantly increase in the coming years."

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Big Growth in Internet Use in India
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