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 Cloud computing: New rage among net community

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Cloud computing: New rage among net community Empty
PostSubject: Cloud computing: New rage among net community   Cloud computing: New rage among net community Icon_minitime07/09/08, 11:02 am

Accessing your desktops from remote locations is catching on among the Indian internet community. Nivio, India’s first online Windows desktop, is one such software that allows users to access data and applications stored on a PC from another remote PC in the world. However, analysts are sceptical about the immediate future of this in the domestic market due to low PC penetration.

Earlier applications like Google Docs and Windows Live gave access to word documents and MS office applications, but did not allow users to view their desktops. If you were in Delhi and had to mail some documents stored on your PC in Mumbai, you could go to an internet cafe and access files on your home PC. All these softwares can be used on low-end PCs and there is no requisite for sophisticated hardware. However, high bandwidth is essential especially if the data to be transferred are videos and large files.

Cloud computing is the new rage among the net community worldwide and it is catching up in India. With all your data stored in clouds or the internet, there are softwares that allow you to access it from anywhere. Nivio and Critix are two such softwares which allow you to view your operating system (OS) on your personal desktop and transfer data between the two devices. Nivio allows access only to Windows XP desktop and helps transfer all your data onto the PC you currently working from. It allows you to store your OS data on their remote server which can be accessed anytime, anyplace. Citrix is another such software which allows you access to OS such as Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

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Cloud computing: New rage among net community
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