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 Indiatimes 58888 brings ASK, Adringles to India

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Indiatimes 58888 brings ASK, Adringles to India Empty
PostSubject: Indiatimes 58888 brings ASK, Adringles to India   Indiatimes 58888 brings ASK, Adringles to India Icon_minitime04/09/08, 06:48 pm

Indiatimes 58888, one of the leading market-drivers in value-added services (VAS) for mobile phones and landlines, has entered into agreements with ASK, MoCoLife and Adringles to provide cutting-edge services to the growing number of mobile consumers in India.

ASK is a specialised local search service. Brought to India by Indiatimes 58888, the service lets consumers make SMS queries. The service provides listings of restaurants, ATMs, shopping destinations, chemists and movie schedules among many other things.

For now, the service covers 5 metros - Pune, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and Goa.

Speaking at the launch, Dinesh Wadhawan, CEO/MD, Times Internet Limited, said, "A new set of consumers have taken the market by storm. They are always on the move and want information quickly and from a credible source. The ASK service specifically addresses the needs of this particular audience, delivering accurate information on the services in and around your area."

Mobile consumers can also register at www.MoCoLife.com and connect with any mobile phone across the country. The free service sends instant SMS messages to multiple receivers across the country.

Adringles is an innovative mobile advertising service that offers an opportunity to advertisers to reach the targeted customers and also benefit the mobile subscribers.

With Adringles, Indiatimes 58888 introduces Indian mobile consumers to some interesting value-added services.

Ringtones can now be 'gifted' to friends, without having to pay for it. Consumers can also set Wish-a-Friend messages upto a month in advance.

Indiatimes plan to introduce jingles or ads which would put advertising in the caller’s ear – almost every time she or he makes a cell phone call.

Mobile advertising is slated to touch $10 Billion By 2010. 36 % of the world’s online population lives in Asia, of which more than 300 mn subscribers live in India. Indiatimes 58888 services seeks to tap into this growing market.

The 58888 is the first B2C super brand short code in India. It offers a bouquet of SMS services like multimedia messaging, dating, chatting, astrology and news on mobile but is also in other areas like GPRS and WAP.

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Indiatimes 58888 brings ASK, Adringles to India
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