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 BIG tv launches picture-in-picture (PIP) feature

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BIG tv launches picture-in-picture (PIP) feature Empty
PostSubject: BIG tv launches picture-in-picture (PIP) feature   BIG tv launches picture-in-picture (PIP) feature Icon_minitime28/08/08, 12:53 pm

KalingaTimes Correspondent: -
Reliance BIG TV DTH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Communications, on Thursday announced the launch of a revolutionary feature, Picture-in-Picture (PIP) that would enable viewers to watch 12 TV channels at the same time on any TV set in the country.

The company also announced that it would add four new transponders to enhance its transponder capacity by 50 percent to 12 transponders on the MEASAT satellite system.

The new transponders would enable the company to add over 120 more TV channels in addition to the existing 200 channels, taking the total offerings to over 350 channels.

The company also announced the launch of an exclusive Bengali Movie channel for BIG TV DTH customers, which would feature new and popular Bengali movies round the year.

“The experience of serving 100 million Indian customers, technological expertise and nationwide presence in telecommunications along with the established presence in diverse entertainment verticals is the cutting edge deployed behind the BIG brand by Reliance ADA Group to bring the country's biggest and the best Home Entertainment Service,” said Sanjay Behl, Group Head – Brand & Marketing, Reliance Communications.

“The BIG brand truly depicts the vision, thought-process, plans, scale and value synonymous with Reliance ADA Group,” he added.

The path-breaking PIP feature launched by BIG TV DTH is among the series of initiatives planned after an in-depth research conducted amongst thousands of TV viewers across the country. Enabled by worlds most advanced MPEG4 technology Platform for DTH services, BIG TV DTH at launch stage already offers 100 additional TV channels more than any competitor. The company aims to enhance its existing bouquet of language content to cater to the huge demand from the fast growing Eastern and North-Eastern regions for Home Entertainment Services in the country.

“The Launch of BIG TV DTH is in line with the philosophy of Reliance ADA Group to offer best class services, innovative applications and pioneering features at affordable prices to many million Indian homes. The launch of Picture-in-Picture (PIP) facility would enable 120 million TV home in the country to view 12 TV Channels at the same time on their TV sets,” said Arun Kapoor, CEO – BIG TV DTH.

“Constant content enrichment, continual enhancement viewing experience and offering the Best Value proposition to millions of Indian TV homes is an integral part of BIG TV DTH growth roadmap to attain market leadership within the first year of launch. BIG TV DTH would further enrich the current content offering taking it to over 350 channels from the current 200 in the coming months,” Kapoor added.

BIG TV DTH service is available at 1 lakh retail outlets, including over 240 Reliance World and 2000 Reliance Mobile Stores, across 6500 towns in the country. The country's largest distribution and customer service infrastructure for Home Entertainment Service built by BIG TV DTH enables it to serve over 5 million new customers every year, according to a company release.

The customer service and support infrastructure comprises of an army of 5400 specially trained installers, capable of installing over 15,000 connections daily and within 48-72 hours of every customer order.

“In a market where close to 80 Million out of 120 Million homes already use Cable or DTH; explicit differentiation of service and enriched applications is of prime importance. BIG TV's Picture-in-Picture (PIP) feature would bring in a revolution of similar magnitude on TV sets what SMS brought on a Mobile Phone,” said Mahesh Prasad, President – Application Services Group, Reliance Communications.

“The Mosaic application, which enables the PIP feature, changes the ease in selecting the program of choice from the bouquet of over 200 channels using BIG TV's unique Picture menu. The 12 screen Picture Menu overcomes the significant constraint of demographic and geographic variations which a Text-based menu cannot,” he added.

BIG TV DTH is India 's first and only DTH operator to launch 32 Movie Channels and a Subscription Video on Demand service that redefines the pay-per-view concept by making new, popular and exclusive content easily accessible and affordable. BIG TV DTH's Subscription Video on Demand offers 50 new movies every month.

BIG TV's Fully Digital Home Entertainment Service is available at Rs 1490 including three months complimentary subscription.

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BIG tv launches picture-in-picture (PIP) feature
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